The Virgilio Program is operated by the Association of Voluntary Tutors created by members of the Rotary in 2001.

Each Tutor meets periodically with the Pupil who has been assigned to him / her after an initial interview with the Pupil has been undertaken to ascertain the scope of assistance which needs to be provided. Obviously the needs and requirements of each case is individual and is tailored accordingly. Such assistance provided is managed by the Secretariat of the Program.
During such interviews, key performance targets, agreed actions and review deadlines are implemented after a work and development plan is put in place. A result review is also undertaken, normally within 9 – 12 months of implementation.
Such meetings are undertaken in a convenient venue for all parties. On average such meeting occur bi-monthly and last around two hours. Obviously in the intervening period other communication methods are used between tutor and pupil.

The global activity of the Virgilio Program is spread over three levels:
The Governing Council of the Association formed by the members appointed by the Assembly that fixes the development targets, the promotion measures and the expansion actions of the Program within the territory and towards the institutions.
– The Committee of Senior Tutors for Tutees Reception that collates, through the secretariat, the requests for support
– All active tutors, the specialist Rotarian members and all the volunteers

– This website
– The data base available to all tutors for the registration of the developments of the specific projects assigned to each of them.
– The guide book “Costruire una nuova impresa. Cosa fare e come fare” written by a senior tutor to help in the understanding of the fundamental entrepreneurial criteria ( ed. Franco Angeli – 2015)


The Association is governed by the Statute approved by the Constituent Assembly in November 2001 and modified by the General Assembly of 28 November 2007, that provides for the appointment of a Governing Council which for 2014-2016 is formed as follows:


Michele MONTI (R.C. Milano)


Giuseppe MILELLA (R.C. Milano Monforte)


Olderico CAVIGLIA (R.C. Milano Visconteo)
Annamaria CONSONNI (R.C. Lecco Le Grigne)
Italo FERRANTE (R.C. Milano Ovest), Secretary
Paolo FRANCHI (R.C. Brescia Nord)
Giuseppe MAZZOLENI (R.C. Bergamo Nord)
Rinaldo ORLANDI (R.C. Milano Cordusio)
Cesare SACERDOTI (R.C. Milano Arco della Pace)
Ettore SINNONA (R.C. Milano Est), Treasurer


Giuseppe CALLEGARI (R.C. Milano Porta Vittoria)
Ernesto LANZILLO (R.C. Milano Monforte)
Ludovico RAGNOTTI (R.C. Milano Ovest)