The Project

Dante e Virgilio


The principle that each individual in his/her life has had a reference guide is of utmost importance and a key milestone of the rotarian service

in order to develop their service to the community on this basis, rotary members have decided to

  1. Offer themselves as tutors to young entrepreneurs/professionals, these being the targets of the association since the very first statements of its founders.
  2. Select tutors, only among rotary members, for their ability to identify the path to be followed and to transfer to the pupil appropriate information ensuring success by providing culture and experience appropriately combined with professionalism.
  3. Establish a relationship of profound motivation with the pupil, gaining credibility, without replacing decisions and actions of the entrepreneur who shall feel and be the real advocate of the project.

For more details, see notes attached

The Virgilio Program was created within the Rotarian Service based on the principle that entrepreneurship is a fundamental value to our society that IT should be promoted and sustained.

The mission

Its mission is to help the entrepreneur to progress by providing practical experience and technical assistance in the fields of Marketing, Management and Finance.

The resources

Within the Rotary, there are qualified professional resources with diverse qualities and experience in the fields of directorships, industrial managers, lawyers, engineers, experts in management, human resources and communication. Such parties provide the backbone to sustain this program.

Inspired by the Spirit of Dante’s guide, who was committed to face difficulties whilst travelling along a path for growth, Rotarian members joined together in the “Association of the Rotarian voluntary tutors for the Virgilio Program”. Thus the Virgilio Program was born.

The action

Young companies which are small in size with less than ten employees who themselves have a length of service in the company of not more than three years are the targets of the program. Such companies can belong to any sector of the Goods and Services Industries.

Photo: from “Divina Commedia” illustrated by G.Doré