Reports from 1997 of the Italian Virgilio Program

In excess of 1000 cases have been undertaken as at December 2015.

Regardless of the degree of success of these cases, the financial advantage resulting from the intervention of the Virgilio Program, in favour of the neo-entrepreneurs, should be viewed as a positive result. In fact, case studies demonstrate that with the timely study of planning and the simulation of the financial needs which have been provided in such cases has dramatically reduced losses to such case study companies, losses which would have inevitably occurred without the professional guidance of the tutors in the program.
In Italy, most of the pupils are very small companies or individual companies at their start-up.
The age of the pupils are between 20 and 55 years. They have completed their studies and they have previous work experience. Most of them need support to face the market and assistance in respect to the organization and economic management of their company.


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Currently, the Virgilio Program has been reproduced, with success, in the Rotary District 2080 (Rome). The Program is also emerging in other Districts 2050 (Brescia) the aim being to provide such services throughout Italy.

A multilingual version of the Rotary Club internet site will soon be available enabling the Virgilio Program to be replicated abroad. Given the extensive experienced resources available in terms of potential tutors worls-wide within the organization, the Virgilio Program is auto replicable in all countries. For assistance in this respect a detailed memorandum and tutorial package in both Italian and English is currently available.


Il modello è autoreplicante. Esiste già ed disponibile a questo scopo un corpo di memo e tutorial in versione italiana e inglese