The Tutors

The fundamental task of the Tutor is to evaluate the feasibility and potential profitability of any entrepreneurial concept. Such evaluation is undertaken using the Tutors experience and any evaluation requires the joint input of the Entrepreneur themselves.
The Tutor is well acquainted with the concept of “Business” and the basic principles to start and run an activity. The Tutor is also familiar with the different internal functions and the interface functions towards institutions and external operators.
The Tutor enjoys a competence more general than specific. In case a specific competence is required, the Tutor can avail him/herself of the support of Rotarian professional volunteers who will cooperate with him/her on a temporary basis for as long as this service is required.
The Tutor of the Virgilio Program shall not be intended as a professional consultant, does not substitute him/herself with the Entrepreneur but leads the Entrepreneur during the start-up phase as far as the economic evaluations, the organization and the production and selling process are concerned.
The method applied by the Virgilio Program outlines a path to measure the day to day progress and the outcome and result of the project.


Assignment of the Tutor

The assignment of the Tutor is made by a Commission composed of senior Tutors after an initial interview with the Entrepreneur.
The goal is to find out most suitable person in terms of competence and personality within the volunteers members available and who can better satisfy the needs of the specific project.
As already pointed out, the Tutor does not necessarily need to be specialized in the specific matter at hand but rather be well acquainted with management techniques of a business.
After the notice of the assignment of the project, the Tutor meets the Entrepreneur in the place agreed upon and from that moment on the relationship between the Tutor and the Entrepreneur develops according to the objectives and the agenda from time to time defined.
The development of the project is registered by the Tutor in the database made available by the Virgilio Program.


Entrepreneur-Tutor’s profile

The Pupil is typically an entrepreneur who is dealing for the first time with a business activity. Often the business is already running and needs to achieve new market or profitability goals.
Basically the Entrepreneur needs to analyze the issues he/she has to face and to identify the proper means to overcome such issues.
Therefore he/she will be informed about the services that the Virgilio Program can offer through its Tutors and will be aware that he/she will be assisted in the decision making process rather than advised.
For correctness’ sake, the Entrepreneur is also asked to inform the Tutor about his decision to terminate the project with the Virgilio Program.


Interaction with other specialised professionals

During the project the Pupil may need advice about specific issues which exceed the Tutors’ abilities or expertise.
In such cases the Tutor will involve a Rotarian member with such specific expertise. The Tutor will however remain the sole contact person of the Entrepreneur. In the event the required expertise cannot be found among Rotarian members the Tutor will make steps to find an external professional but will remain in any case extraneous to the relationship.