Programma Virgilio –  The right project for your Rotary Club and your District

  • The Virgilio Program is a project carried out by the Rotarian Volunteer Association which has more than 20 years of experience in the Lombardia region and it’s characterized by well-defined and clear processes and operating procedures.
  • It has the advantage that it concerns a service in “( strict Rotarian style” (Rotarians make their
    experience and expertise available in “tutoring” new companies).
  • It addresses everyone and is free of charge.
  • It has no costs for the rotarian district that adopts it (only very limited expenses for insurance and management, a few hundred euros).
  • It can be quickly developed in the district also by taking advantage of online support.
  • The documentation needed to startup the project is provided free of charge to the district that decides to adopt the Program.
  • The Virgilio Program not only involves and activates Rotarian members (new and “dormant”) in the district, but thanks to its dynamism, it may be leading up to relationships and networking with other similar programs in the world.
  • It is ideal for relaunching economic activity in a specific geographical area (in the framework of the Rotary’s six areas of focus).